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Nov 23, 2010

Blog Star Date: November 21st, 2010

nice reportings by TomX -

Blog Star Date: November 21st, 2010

place: The Gold Creeks, WA
people: Jonny and Tom

Sunday Oneshot and I completed the mandatory 'and so it begins' session at Gold Creek. With telemetry saying base at 15" or so, and light snow expected, expectations were set to a minimum. I was cautiously optimistic but looking forward to a return to the 'regular life' of snow shredding.

We pulled into an empty GC sometime after 8, due to some extra 30 minutes of shuffling on my part. First run of the season is always brought with some sorta delay, this time, all mine, as I was struggling with setting up new gear when Oneshot rung the doorbell. That and I had my pants around my ankles. Either way we were first in the lot! There was about four inches on the road. Plenty to sled right?

Worthy of note, it was dumping like a motherfucker and didn't let up all day long..

After a slick ice dusted road ride up to the Beaver, Oneshot thought it was time for some single track to the Stabbin Cabin. Log - 1, Oneshot - 0. Popped his belt off the secondary. Thank god for his magic stick, after 30 minutes of cussing and frustration we were back in business.

Next plan of action, head to Swan, go up to the 'fort', investigate hiking to the top of Spine Tingler.

Cock blocked by Mother nature herself. Snow conditions much better with 2-3ft on the roads, but no no no says that biatch. Lots of downed trees. This one was blocking the gates to goodness.
Plan C: Head to Presidents!

Stopped at the top of Slashers Delight for a sled couple turns. Off to Presidents we went, only to be cock blocked by another downed tree. This time I take no photo. Frustrated we went to the tower for a chill..

Plan D: Take some turns from the tower down between the roads. That worked. Look there's my board--->

After a few obligatory snowboard turns were had, we took a last ditch effort around the Beaver to see what we could find. This time we hit over the hood pay dirt. Pow the whole way, 3ft+. Soo fun.

I managed to ride up a log under the snow which gets my first stuck of the season out of the way. Hooray!

Oneshot assumes the Saskatchewan in the waist deep goods. We dead ended into trees, and not feeling brave enough to stump jump through to the road some 40ft below, we turned tail and called it a day.

Back at the trailer, you see the evidence of the days good work by Mother Nature. She's spreading some love.

So with that, it's on. And so it has begin again.


  1. Nice! thanks for the play by play. Break that trail fellas so we can rip it soon. Chainsaw time? Let's get w rok party up there soon.

    We will be in Cle Elum starting Friday through Sunday looking for Christmas trees!

    Hit me up.


  2. so rad! thanks for the update, ill be getting out soon for sure. sounds like there needs to be a little more base in some areas?

  3. I'll tell christian to get his chainsaw warmed up!

  4. what we need is like 3 or 4 more feet.. then a rain event.. then.. 3 more feet and its on!!! it was still super fun to get back to the normal life i know.. i function better mentally and phyically in winter


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