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Nov 29, 2010

Blog Star Date: November 27th, 2010

place: Stampede Pass, WA

people: Swappy, Tom, Steve & Jonny

The crew geared up and ready to head out. from the Stampede Park.

Another BC day at the Stampede. Kings Bowl skunked me again. Damn you and your cock blocking trees. Soon my friend, the mad slasher will own you.
You can't stop me this year, La Nina is on my side.

Master trail breaker Oneshot paved the way to new heights and powered up the road past the washout that blocked on the previous mission.
A keekor was quickly built and the grabby grabby party went down.

Oneshot nails it first try

Dropping trees

Gold Passes

Total poser.

After the zone got owned we rolled back to stumpy town and gambled a bit. Lady luck was on our side.
Both Steve and I placed some bad bets but didn't loose our shorts. Playing it safe, we took some power line runs.


Powder braaaaaping...

A 3 way luv triangle on one sled back up for some more runs.

After some electric slashing it was time for a BC survival test, With one bullet each we went rat hunting,
I'm pretty sure we ended up starving. Great day, need a good 3-5ft and then it gets serious, I think. Time to bring more bullets.

Good Session Friends!

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